Western Styled Cowboy Coffins

Western Coffins began with the idea that there should more options when choosing a coffin that exemplifies the unique personality, character and lifestyle of the individual. 

Each Cowboy Coffin is meticulously hand-crafted in the USA by cowboys skilled in the art of woodworking.  Every detail in design, construction and finish is intended to enhance the coffin in an attractive and dignified manner.  Rest assured that each coffin is created with the knowledge that it will become the final resting place of someone very special.

Our solid wood Cowboy Coffins are available in :

Aromatic and beautiful red cedar is richly grained and has blends of mellow amber, reddish cinnamon and rich sienna brown color.

Sassafras is a light hard wood with a citrus like scent. It has a straight grain with a yellowish brown color and is noted for it’s strength and durability.

Black Walnut is a beautiful domestic hardwood prized for its myriad of reds and browns blended together in a curvaceous grain pattern.

Mountain Pine has long been the traditional choice of material in cowboy coffins due to it’s availability, strength and workability.

We ship to funeral homes throughout the U.S. and can usually deliver within the lower 48 states in 3 days or less.  Personalized options are available.  Let us know if you would like to use your loved one’s brand , stirrups or any other custom change.